Keeps You Going.

Charge. Pedal. Dont Stop.

Epick Bikes aims at revolutionizing India’s Micro-Mobility with designing, implementation & manufacturing of smart utility electric bikes that are Affordable, Reliable and Customer Centric.

  • Portable Charger

    A lightweight 3A/5A portable charger that can be plugged in any domestic socket.

  • Pedal Assist

    Pedal Assist mode with a 12 magnet PAS sensor aids in easing your cycling effort and increased range

  • GPS Tracking

    Live GPS tracking & real-time Monitoring dashboard

  • Customize Utility

    Customize your utility space as per your need on our robust rear utility frame

  • Buy An Epick Bike

    Make your own Epick decisions!

    Own an Epick Bike and make your short distances even shorter, convenient and affordable.

  • Rent An Epick Bike

    Let's not rush into this relationship

    Exhausted and skeptical in making a purchase decision! We are here to bridge that gap by creating an opportunity to try out our Epick Bike for few months and then adapt to your wish & will.

An Epick Ride in every way

Ride to work

Many of us find ourselves stuck in between environmental consciousness and personal comfort. Commute is a huge part of this thought process.

Ride for work

Operational costs and timely delivery are crucial for any business. Convenience and affordability is the prime concern of any employee.

Ride in community

Now make your internal commutes within townships, communities, campuses, offices etc

Not only an Epick ride, but Epick relationships on our way!

Our Team Efficiency, Energy and Enthusiasm. All at one place


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